LEAN Construction is a revolutionary way to design and build facilities by using a management-based approach to project facilitation. This new type of management has caused a revolution in design, supply and assembly. The main goal of a LEAN construction projects is to maximize value and minimize waste by using specific techniques that allow the project to be delivered in a smooth manner.

Prefabrication construction is not new, but it's gaining prominence in the building industry. Light-gauge framing is a natural fit and is gaining popularity as the construction industry recognizes the need for faster, higher quality and more sustainable construction.

Wall-tech has embraced the use of prefabricated and LEAN construction through the use of light-gauge steel framed wall panels, roof trusses, and floor systems and we have become a leader in this type of construction. Load bearing wall panels can be used in a post and beam type design system serving market sectors of multifamily housing, healthcare, education, student housing and hospitality that allows your building to be erected quickly, efficiently, and safely.

As a result, owners and developers using this prefabricated approach can expect to save up to 15% on the construction schedule and even more on just the enclosure schedule. On many projects we have helped reduce the enclosure schedule by four weeks or more.

We have several different options depending your needs, visit wallpanelprefab.com to learn more.