Do you have a need to minimize the risk of loss due to fire, smoke, and toxic gases? Fireproofing & firestopping systems have become increasingly more complicated as building designs change.

Our certified and manufacturer-trained team can assist with the proper UL design requirements and installation.

Sprayed fireproofing can be used at the standard concealed conditions, and medium or high density materials can be used for high traffic exposure conditions. Intumescent paint can also be used for exposed steel conditions.

Firestopping at the head of wall, slab edge, curtain wall systems, and wall penetrations can all have unique complex applications and our specialized team can help with the proper UL design and custom engineering judgements.

Sprayed acoustical such as K-13 and SonaSpray have a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC) and absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation time and making speech and music more intelligible.